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Are you doing all you can to promote your business to the max or do you feel that you could or should be doing more? Do you find the whole marketing and sales strategy arena confusing and frustrating? Do you mix up your Pay Per Clicks with your Direct Mails? And does the notion of social media put you in a spin?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place.

No matter how big or small your business you know that you need to constantly promote to achieve sales and maintain a healthy pipeline. Some businesses are big enough to justify an internal marketing resource to do their marketing and promotion, but the vast majority aren’t. This is where WOW! Marketing comes in.

If you’d like to have a marketing expert on board to help you promote your business to the max without breaking the bank, WOW! Marketing is the perfect solution.

We will help you accurately identify and seek out your target market so you can sell cleverly and effectively to them at the same time as making sure your promotional budget is spent wisely. At WOW! Marketing we’ll add value to your bottom line by doing a simple one-off marketing task for you or by working as part of your team to get you great results; whatever works best for you.

If your marketing isn’t working out as you’d hoped, we’ll give you practical, hands-on advice to improve results. If the array of digital marketing options frightens you or if you’re bamboozled by what you should be doing to make your business stand out in today’s crowded market place, we’ll give it to you straight. In short, we walk your walk and talk your talk and we deliver results.

WOW! Marketing is a cost effective marketing approach to obtain better results for businesses like yours. Cleverly combining online and offline marketing approaches, we’ll help make sure you get maximum exposure and results for your budget.

Digital Marketing

Website and Digital

Most business owners now accept that it’s pretty much expected that they’ll have a website…

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Digital Marketing – Making Sense of it

Sending out the right messages to the right people online is easier than you think when you have the right team on board…

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What We Do

Getting to knowing your business

At WOW! Marketing, we know that we can’t add value to any business we don’t really know and understand. This is why we dig deep into every company that we work with so that we can show them to their target market in the best…

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Do you really know your customers inside and out? Do you know what they think about your products and, or your services? Do you need to test exposure to a target market to help you develop a new product or service? If so, WOW! Marketing can help.

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Advertising is a marketing activity that most businesses are aware of and have tried at some time or another. That said, today’s advertising arena is much more complex than the days of choosing between Golden Pages, local newspapers and trade journals.

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Direct marketing

Direct marketing can be a highly effective marketing activity, particularly for b2b promotion. Often using a clever combination of creative mail and follow up emails, the success of any direct marketing campaign relies on a clean, up to date list and a creative approach.

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Events & Promotions

Events and promotions play a part in most marketing campaigns at some point or another. Promotional activities might be as simple as a radio slot backed by some advertising or may be more complex like setting up a loyalty programme.

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Sales support

In businesses big and small, it’s often gaps in marketing collateral or materials that cause sales to fall short of expectation. While budget doesn’t normally allow for everyone to have every resource they’d like, it’s essential that your sales team has the tools they need to deliver…

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Who We Are

The Team

The management team at WOW! Marketing is made up of two dynamic women, Yvonne Boyle and Sharon Cole. With a host of qualifications to their names, plus extensive corporate and small business experience, they are perfectly positioned to help your business grow.

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Our Philosophy / Mission

At WOW! Marketing our goal is simple; to help you win more business. We do this by really knowing what makes your business and your potential clients “tick”. Not all marketers do this. For us it’s the only way to work…

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Our Approch

Our approach is simple as A, B, C:

A: When you contact us we’ll organise your FREE 1 hour consultation. During this time, we’ll start to really understand your business and your objectives by working through a planned and structured fact-finding process.

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Clients & Case Studies

Case Studies

We have a wide range of clients from all industry sectors all enjoying the benefits of cleverly combined online and offline marketing …

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Hear from our clients on how we have helped them achieve their marketing goals and deliver results.

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When we meet we’ll tell you more, so contact us now for your FREE 1 Hour Consultation on 086 8258380 or email yvonne@wowmarketing.ie.